A note to those about to listen to this album:

 This solo album was never meant to be released!!  

A number of years back I made the decision to teach myself the art of recording (up until then I relied on producers and their studios).  I had recently lost both parents and had relocated to the U.S. from Canada.

Much like Dave Grohl, after the death of Kurt Cobain, I sat down and starting recording original material without any intention. I simply wrote and recorded an album organically with no regard for what people would think - because no one was ever going to hear it!  IT WAS LIBERATING!   Up until that point I had written to impress and with the intention of appealing to fans, radio, television, critics, family, and friends.

I played every instrument myself on this album - I have no Kevin Mahon Band.  I recorded the tracks myself.  I wrote every note and lyric.  After a number of years I had all this music sitting on a hard drive.  That's not right.  Music should not be hidden away from the public's ears.  It is meant to be shared, invoke emotion, and bring people together.  Thus, I sent the tracks to a trusted sound engineer and producer in Melbourne Australia by the name of Louis de Visme.  He mixed and mastered the tracks for release.  His wife, and childhood friend of mine, Mel de Visme even lent her vocal talents to 2 of the tracks.

And now here we are with an album of songs written, performed, and recorded without any corporate influence nor regard for financial profitability.  A collection of songs that are flawed, honest, emotional at times, and most of all...real.